About Us
Who Are We? 

Sanae food Sdn Bhd is a diversified food technology manufacturing firm that was founded in July 2011. We focused on manufacturing, and distibution of food ingredients goods for the bakery and confectionery industries. The firm is dedicated to providing food ingredients that are high in quality, safe, and nutritious products.

What We Do? 

Our factory is located in West Malaysia, in order to provide better services to our clients. Sanae Food Sdn Bhd establishes a centralized marketing channels and networks to provide reliability and effectiveness of our service to our clients. 

Our Services and Market

We have build ties with many manufacturers in order to be the best in this competitive field. Sanae Food has achieved great achievement in terms of growth and development as a consequence of their collaboration. Our goods and services are offered on the East and West Coasts of Malaysia, as well as in Singapore.

We also provide our customers with comprehensive technical and application assistance to ensure clients have a higher value satisfaction by combining the use of quality materials and advice from our experienced chefs.

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